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Airsoft is the fastest growing combat game in the UK, its a bit like paintball - but without all the bad points!


- Its cheaper, just £18 per player


- No mask to fog up

- Realistic looking guns

- Sessions are 2 hours, high paced

- No dirty paint residue all over you

- Bruises are smaller


Players run around shooting each other with plastic BB's in a high paced and exciting game.


We issue you camo combat coveralls, eye protection, your realistic looking gun and spare magazines.


Airsoft is by far our most popular activity for Stag Groups and parties of guys looking for high octaine combat adventure.  

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What is Airsoft?

Fresh Pizza's



Per player

Minimum 12 players. We provide you with combat overalls, gun, eye protection and UNLIMITED AMMO!!

What is Airsoft?


Fresh Pizza's

Freshly cooked on site in a wood fired oven, Ward's Wood-Fired Pizza's are a real treat!


The guys spin and fling the dough around right in front of you before you build your own pizza and its cooked in minutes. The wood-fired oven gives the pizza a delicious smokey taste that'll have you drooling.


A range of drinks and other snacks are also available and all are freshly prepared to order for you.


Please note, that all catering is pre-book only. If you require food for your bookings please contact us in advance.


For more information on Ward's Wood-Fired Pizza's please click here.

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01970 880 541

01970 880 541

Airsoft is rapidly replacing Paintball as the Number 1 combat game in the UK.


Both involve running around in the woods with guns shooting your mates, but there are some big differences. The table below compares the two:




Average player cost is £25 - £30 each for a session.

£18 per player


300 - 400 balls

Unlimited Ammo


Paintball guns with gas canister attached and plastic hopper on top

Realistic Mosberg or M47 weapons with 25 round magzines


Full head mask which ALWAYS fogs up

Choice of wrap around glasses or mesh face mask - absolutely no fogging up


Can cause significant bruising and pain even from long distance engagements

Slight bruising and pain from very close up, but virtually nothing from distance


Paint and oil in hair and on skin and clothes after playing - shower required after playing

Absoltuely no mess