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How it works

Ever wondered how you would surviv e in the Zombie Apocalypse? Well - now you can find out.


We will supply you with the following kit:


- Shotgun, magazines and ammo

- Pistol, magazine and ammo

- Sniper Rifle with scope

- Throwing Axes

- Throwing Knives

- Bow and arrows

- Negan Baseball bat

- Hatchet

- Axe

- Knuckleduster


You will spend 2.5 hours in the woods fighting to survive, learning how to use zombie killing weapons and how best to defend yourself against the zombie horde and other ruthless gangs.


You'll also learn how to hunt for essentials like water, food, ammo and medical supplies.


How it works

This will take place at our woodland venue just 2 miles outside Aberystwyth (a fiver in a taxi).


There is an onsite bar and restaurant for you to enjoy a drink to calm your nerves.


Prior to the date, all participants will be sent an Info Pack detailing everything you need to know including location, map, directions, timings, clothing and footwear advice etc.


This experience is not suitable for those with a weak heart or bladder.


Please note that tickets can not be refunded, but if you are unable to attend we will transfer your ticket to an alternative name free of charge for you.


Volunteer Zombies


If you would like to volunteer to be a Zombie then click here to email us. We can help with your outfit and will have a plentiful supply of coffee and brains for you to feast on. It will be a lot of fun and the more zombies the merrier!

01970 880 541

01970 880 541

Book your place on to one of the four teams:


- Rick's Team

- Daryl's Team

- Negan's Gang

- The Gov'nor's Posse


Spaces are limited and are strictly 'First Come, First Served'.


When you arrive we will Register you and you'll undergo a briefing.


Over the next two and a half hours you will run around the woods fighting other humans, fighting zombies, leaning zombie killing skills and fighting to survive.

During the session there will be challenges involving axe and knife throwing, pistol shooting, sniper shooting, archery and various other challenges all designed to help you survive.


Please be aware that this activity is ABSOLUTELY NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN and will involve simulated violence, blood, exploding heads and skulls being beaten to a pulp with baseball bats.




This event is expected to sell out quickly, so tickets are sold on a 'first come, first served' basis. Please note that tickets are non-refundable although we will transfer tickets to a new name free of charge. A processing fee is applied to each transaction. Prior to the event all participants will be sent an Information Pack via email. Please note that no physical ticket is posted. This event is not suitable for children.




"It was an amazing afternoon, a must do for any walking dead fans, I highly recommend it and I got some exercise as well" - Martin Edwards


"I will definitely do this again I had such a brilliant day!!" - Jackie Evans


"Can't thankyou all enough, all 7 of us had an amazing time. So much fun, the zombies did a perfect job. Hopefully you'll have more events like this in the future, definitely be coming again." - Sara Quincey


"What an awesome 3 hrs this was well done guys for set up and who played the zombies" - Andy Dibble


"What a fun amazing day look forward to more like it haven't had so much fun or laughed so much in ages cheers " - Paul Jones


"Fantastic day, haven't had so much fun in ages, hope the next one is soon" - Lisa Morton


"It was a great experience, thank you for the opportunity" - Rachel Pritchard


"Thank you we had a great time..... would be up for it again!" - Gill Pascoe


"Thank you for such a good time, was absolutely amazing, another one again soon please, will defo do it" - Paul Jellet